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Houjie Shop: Dachang Machinery Warehouse beside Baowei Group, No. 5 Hujing Avenue, Huanggang Management Area, Houjie Town

189-2459-3983 Ms.Ye

Chang'an Dian: No. 10 Xiangsheng Street, Xinmin Community, Chang'an Town, Rongjia Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

138-2373-7311 Mr.Luo

Daling Shandian: Rongjia Machinery in Daling Shan Secondary Machinery Market, 110 Hongfeng Street, Daling Shanzhen, Dongguan City

176-8880-4279 Mr.Yan

Kunshandian: No. 1415 Shuixiu Road, Kunshan, Suzhou

138-2722-5674 Mr.Liu

Head store: Tingshan Huanhu Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Dongrunda Second Machinery City, Dachang Precision Machinery, Building 01, C

138-0258-2248 Mr.Huang

135-1037-6080 Mr.Zhou

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